Cancellation policy

To avoid any dissapointments, we do recommend to take a cancellation insurance directly with your reservation. Or maybe you have one of your own. Participation to our cancellation insurance is completely optional and can only be done togehter with a booking at AanNoordzee/AanVeluwe.

The costs are only 6% of the total amount of your rental price. We do not charge any administration costs. If necessary, we pay back the complete rental price, excluding the costs of the insurance, if you or one of your fellow travellers are faced with;

-    Death, sudden illness or accident

-    (prompt) Cancellation holiday in case of death first/second degree family

-    (prompt) Cancellation holiday in case of fire, storm damage, thunderbolt to house/furniture

-    Reluctant unemployement of main booker, after reservation has been made

-    Reluctant movement caused by medical features, renovation or change of job/function

Other, not mentioned, occasions are not eligible for any payments done by our cancellation insurance. To apply for the insurance has to be done written and with a statement of a third party of wich the situation proves.

The insurance is valid from the day of arrival until the day of departure from AanNoordzee/AanVeluwe. In case you need to cancel your holiday, for any of the above mentioned reasons, we will pay back in proportion to the amount of days you will not be able to spend and the total rental price (excluding the costs of the insurance). We herewith count from the day your pitch is free and clean.

We take into account the official Recron conditions. You can read these conditions at:

You are charged as follows:

15%    at cancellation   > 3 months before arrival

50%    at cancellation   3-2 months before arrival

75%    at cancellation   2-1 month before arrival

90%    at cancellation   < 1 month before arrival

100%  at cancellation   the day of arrival